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Mission Statement

Project Eye-To-Eye’s mission is to develop a national coalition of grassroots mentoring programs for labeled learning disabled students and to empower these individuals to celebrate their differences. To achieve this mission, Project Eye-To-Eye partners with local communities, public and private schools, universities, and local businesses to bring adults with learning disabilities into the lives of students with learning disabilities as role models, tutors, and mentors. It supports the parents of Project Eye-To-Eye children through access to parent networks and educational outreach, and it develops a national community through the use of the Internet to facilitate a national dialogue around learning disabilities, alternative learning styles, and educational reform.

Project Overview

Project Eye-To-Eye was founded by Jonathan Mooney in 1997 as a grassroots public service project ran by and for students with academic labels such as learning disabled (LD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The program had one simple goal: match LD/ADHD adults with labeled elementary students as role models, tutors, and mentors as a means to empower their learning and give them hope for their future.

In the six years since its foundation, CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Disorders), The Leaning Disabilities Association, The International Dyslexia Association, USA Today and The New York Times have recognized The Project Eye-To-Eye mentoring model as one of the most innovative programming initiatives for LD/ADHD individuals in the country. Furthermore, in the six years since its birth, Project Eye-To-Eye has been brought to local communities around the world through Learning Outside the Lines, a best-selling book written by Mr. Mooney during his time at Brown and by his work as a lecturer and consultant. Today, countless parents, university students, and communities around the country and world, have replicated Project Eye-To-Eye’s innovative programming model.

Currently, Project Eye-to-Eye has 20 chapters in 13 states. One of the few programs in the country that challenges the deficit and pathology driven service models suffocating the LD/ADHD community, Project Eye-To-Eye will play a revolutionary and transformative role in empowering LD/ADHD students: one of the most marginalized minority groups in our society.

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