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Jonathan Mooney frequently travels around the country to speak to administrators, counselors, parents and teachers of labeled, gifted, at-risk and “normal” students—and students themselves. 

In each of his 90-minute keynote presentations, he illustrates his ideas with his personal and professional experiences as a dyslexic and ADD student, and as founder and president of Project Eye-To-Eye. Jonathan weaves his experiences and forward-thinking philosophies with his broad academic knowledge of education, psychology, sociology and history of learning and disability.

Jonathan tailors each presentation to his audience and accommodates clients’ unique requests, including break-out sessions and half or full-day workshops. For descriptions of Jonathan’s presentations, read on.

Download Jonathan Mooney's Speaker Packet
Download Jonathan Mooney's Speaker Packet

As you research and report on dyslexia and ADHD, please be aware that the prevailing tendency in medical and educational communities is to view cognitive differences as “disabilities.”

In communicating your findings to the general public, you, as a part of the media, have great influence on how the public perceives students who struggle in traditional educational environments. My goal through my work as a writer, public speaker and consultant, is to create a more inclusive collective dialogue regarding all cognitive differences.

I greatly appreciate your continued efforts to treat your words and framing with care when you share stories like mine. You have the opportunity to give the individuals who appear in your work and those who read it something their schools systems may not—hope.

Please take advantage of the resources above to stimulate curiosity and conversation during your interviews and research—and allow you to impart upon your readers a new way of seeing…short bus riders.

Please send media inquiries to

Rena G. Diana, Middle School Director, Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, MD

“By sharing colorful and poignant anecdotes about his own educational journey, Jonathan made learning differences come alive for the teachers. Woven into his remarks were countless creative, effective strategies about how to reach and empower all kinds of students who learn in non-traditional ways. Yet his insights apply to all learners. It was clear from teachers’ enthusiastic nods and probing questions that they were energized and moved by Jonathan’s story and his suggestions. 

This was one of those rare talks that combine a provocative philosophical and psychological overview with concrete techniques that teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms. They left the meeting filled with broadened perspectives about their “conundrum kids,” loaded with new ideas, recommitted to being better educators, and begging for more opportunities to work with him!”

Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D., Director, New York Universities Child Study Center

“Jonathan Mooney is a rare speaker—passionate, informed and interesting. His perspective on learning differences helps parents, educators and clinicians gain a new understanding of a child or teenager’s experiences. 

His suggestions, strategies and viewpoint can help schools become more useful and friendly for students with learning differences. Jonathan Mooney is a great friend to kids with learning differences.”

Bobbi Schnorr, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, SUNY Oswego

“Jonathan Mooney's recollections of schooling as a (very bright) kid who ‘learned differently’ were candid, thought-provoking and, often, heart-breaking. His insights about his own painful experiences offered affirmation for others who have and still suffer in school. 

His indomitable spirit moves others to acknowledge the shortcomings of schools. He left us with hope that we can create change—and the will to begin that change.”

Joan M. Coffin, Ph.D., Director of Neuroscience, King's College Pennsylvania

“Jonathan Mooney is the contemporary face of dyslexia...dynamic, engaging, and brutally honest. His message has an impact that continues to reverberate long after his talk has ended.”

Mary Hammer, South Bay Center For Counseling, Early Childhood Development and School Readiness Conference Coordinator

“Jonathan is with out question the most enlightening and entertaining speaker that our organization, and that I personally, have ever worked with. His presentation is filled with humor, expert knowledge of education and psychology, and most importantly hope. Every one should hear him speak!”

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Bonnie Braga, Community Programming Director, Miriam Hospital, Providence, RI

“Jonathan's enthusiasm and passion are incredible! He is very engaging and makes a personal connection with the audience. He is well organized, realistic, yet humorous while offering practical advice.”

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